Reasons to Become a CNA

An increasing number of certified nursing assistants are needed in the health care industry, making it one of the most rewarding career choices to make.


Promising students can avail of nursing assistant training as possible stepping stone to a lucrative nursing career. This health worker has immense responsibilities and must possess the commitment to serve and help patients. In fact, the CNA has been described as a vital cog of the nursing team. He or she can create a difference in the lives of people afflicted by chronic ailments and physical disabilities. It is therefore important for the nursing assistant to build up talents and social skills in conversing with people, showing compassion and addressing current issues. Right now, there are numerous medical institutions, health care facilities and schools that offer free CNA training for students.

Bright Prospects for Nursing Aides

You are in the best position to help other people. This job calls for taking care of patients and playing a major role in their recuperation. It provides fulfillment knowing that you can help individuals confronted with health problems. At the same time, you have the chance to meet more people and widen your network. The nurse’s aide has a lot of opportunities for improvement. It opens the door for more rewarding careers in the nursing field. Moreover, there will always be a continuing demand for CNAs as the country’s population continues to increase. There is no other educational requirement aside from a high school diploma and the determination to become a responsible certified nursing aide. You can aspire to become a registered or licensed practical nurse after serving in this capacity. The CNA works with other nurses and doctors so you get more exposure to other health professions. You work under the supervision of physicians and registered nurses so the learning process is enhanced further.

Promising Career and Chance for Growth

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics earlier announced a growth in the demand for this category of health workers. One of the reasons for this is the increasing population of senior citizens and opening of nursing homes annually. BLS projections show that there will be a rise of 18% in job opportunities for the certified nursing assistant by 2018.

There are many places that you can work such as rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, day care and assisted living facilities, hospitals, clinics, and long-term health care institutions. You can work according to preferred schedules making the work more flexible. Aside from competitive salaries, the nursing assistant can look forward to other benefits such as overtime pay, paid leave entitlements, medical insurance, financial assistance and scholarships for ongoing education, and sick leave credits.

Besides, the job is secured since the profession remains recession-proof. The demand will not definitely waver despite economic uncertainties. Some employers are even willing to pay for training programs especially if the certified nursing aide has rendered loyal service. The best solace that you get in this kind of job is the thought that you are able to serve other people and society in general. You can help old folks and those afflicted by ailments and contribute to the improvement of their wellbeing.